UX/UI Designer

UX/UI Designer


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We are young, expert and technology addicted. Our team is truly international, even if our beats are in Milan. We collaborate with recognized investors and Real estate professionals to strive for our goal of making the real estate market simple, fast and hassle-free. As we grow at the speed of light, we are looking for an exceptional talent to pursue this mission. Analytical skills, creativity and integrity are required to join our team of amazingly talented engineers, analysts and disruptive marketers who has already raised around €100M of capital in less than 2 years to fuel our objectives.
We are not aiming to build the best product within our specific industry: we have just created a market where there’s no competitor. Just like Amazon, Uber and AirBnB have already done.


Analyze. You will study our existing UX touchpoints and our user interfaces, especially the digital ones, in order to identify the room available for improvement. The goal is clear: we want to provide the best user experience ever seen for house-selling.
You will be involved in documenting for UX research and testing purposes. These may include surveys, questionnaires, interviews, and participating and/or conducting usability tests to validate hypothesis and discover new insights. Your role will also include tracking user behavior using Google Analytics and heatmap tools.

Design. You will play a key role in shaping Casavo’s visual identity and the journey we offer our users when they are purchasing their house. You’re a designer, this means you will be able to participate in many high-level projects, but you might have to deal with small, basic design tasks whenever is needed.
As a UI designer you feel confident using Sketch and have experience with Adobe XD or Figma to develop low/high fidelity wireframes and mockups. You will work actively along the development team generating design specs with tools like Zeplin and Invision, participating in building a living Design System with shared UI components. Experience with manipulating/retouching image assets using tools such as Photoshop/Affinity Photo will be appreciated.

Interaction. You have a solid ground in creating experiences that follow usability patterns used on mobile platforms like iOS and Android, and cross-browser web scenarios (experience with other platforms is highly welcomed). You will be responsible to produce wireframes, mockups and prototypes that can be reviewed and validated with stakeholders, team members and potential/real users (experience with prototyping using tools such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Invision, Protopie and others is highly appreciated).

Coding. you have a base coding experience with html and styling (Sass, Less, CSS) that can be translated to simple web tasks or building interactive prototypes. Experience with Javascript, Jquery, and other front-end frameworks is appreciated.

Portfolio. You have a solid portfolio showcasing your best work and experience.

Feel. You will have to truly understand how our customers think, feel and react when they get in touch with Casavo. In order to build what is needed, you’ll need to know and feel what is lacking.

Innovate and inspire. We’re creating something completely new in a market which suffers from very old and traditional ways of thinking and acting. Casavo is here to help the market evolve in the new millennium: you’ll have to invent new solutions and sometimes there’s nowhere you’ll be able to look for inspiration. You will be of inspiration for those who follow, having the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary and cross-country team where ideas can be discussed and tested, trying out new tools and creating experiences for our digital products.


Increasing Leadership. Your work can seriously impact Casavo, and even the Italian and Southern European Real Estate industry at large, in the next few years.
Trust. No over control or lack of accountability to clip your wings: your work will be led by your wit. Together with your team, you’ll be free to choose a direction, test, fail, and try again.
Thrilling team. You’ll experience what it feels like to be a visionary in a visionary organization.
International breath. Our company has a global breath for real: you will collaborate with colleagues from different countries and have the chance to challenge yourself with a global exposure.
Striking career. By joining Casavo You will not only boom the Real Estate market, but also get a special chance to maximize your learning and career path.


Fit. You have gained 2-3 years of previous experience as a UX/UI designer, ideally in a tech or real estate company.
Sharpness and Intuition. You like to prove your hypotheses and make your decisions based on real facts and consistent numbers, even in moments of stress or emotion.
Negotiation. When things must be made in a hectic market you understand that speed is often as important as quality.
Transparency. In everything we do. With every stakeholder we cooperate.
Humility. No matter what, here at Casavo, we are down to earth, eager to listen to people’s constructive criticism, and ready to get our hands dirty with whatever is the level and every time the team needs to succeed.
Inspiration. Just, dream big.

Competitive, above the market average.
Moreover, it can grow rapidly, if you do great work.

You’ll receive the latest Mac, iPhone, and other amenities to make your work at Casavo even better.
Coffee, snacks and fruits are always available to fuel your days at the office with a healthy boost.


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