UX/UI Designer /Stage

UX/UI Designer /Stage


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Why an Accenture internship? Because you want to test yourself in the field and find a direction for your future, participating in projects that will transform our customers’ business. Start your career with us, supported by colleagues who will help you grow as a professional.


Our opportunities are dedicated to students or undergraduates who want a curricular (such as a thesis) or extracurricular internship. An Accenture internship can be the beginning of your technology and innovation career. You will express your talent within a team of professionals, enriching yourself with new skills through training, and interfacing with those who followed this path before you.

  • You will learn how to best express your creativity while designing web interfaces: including briefs, concepts, and final layout. You’ll understand how to follow up on feedback you’ve received, addressing visuals on different channels such as desktops, tablets, smartphones and embedded software.
  • You will participate during the analysis phase of user tasks and paths to understand their needs to identify the friendliest solutions.
  • Usability, minimalism, and simplicity principles will guide you in creating sketches, wireframes and interaction flows.
  • You will work with the developers to verify the correct project implementation
  • By developing creative thinking you will act outside-the-box, designing international layout trends and pixel-perfect user interfaces.
  • Design Thinking will become a part of you – a resource to draw on when facing professional and personal challenges.
  • Inspired by your passion and supported by the skills you have acquired; you will know how to distribute information and visually balance the layout to design intuitive and attractive user interfaces.
  • You will learn to use technology to shape ideas, going beyond what you can imagine. You will gain experience in designing the best application solutions to give customers the chance to achieve excellence.

The experience lasts three to six months and may end with a direct hiring. We guarantee for you customized training sessions and a monthly refund.


Why would we choose you for an Accenture internship? Because you’re passionate about new technologies and innovation and have the following abilities:

  • You are a student or about to graduate in a course of Digital Communication or Design, with a focus on UX, UI or Visual Designer. Knowledge of the Design System logic, Sketch mastery, Axure RP and Adobe Creative Suite will be a plus.
  • You can’t wait to apply UX methodologies – research, interviews, personas, task analysis, sitemap, wireframing and prototyping.
  • You are passionate about minimal and usable design.
  • You have a strong aesthetic sensibility.
  • Creativity and attention to detail are your strengths
  • You love to share and learn different things.
  • Every day is a new challenge for you and an opportunity to learn something new.

Your skills, competences and aspirations will direct your internship and training towards the Experience or User Interface Designer role. Your talent will find the right guidance and motivation from either choice.


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