Senior illustrator freelance /remote

Senior illustrator freelance /remote


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The Cycloid team develops a DevOps framework including TerraCognita, InfraView, StackCraft, a service catalog, CI/CD container pipeline, logs centralization, and cost tracking.

We are 30 passionate people building a fantastic teal organization since 2015. Our product and DevOps team are already contributing to numerous IT services across Europe. We’re speeding up development thanks to a 4.5 M€ fundraising round in 2019.

We provide a working environment for everyone to contribute in their best way to build new features (greenfield) and also help us make our current codebase more robust and maintainable (brownfield). Your contribution will be critical to the marketing team, helping to illustrate the full range of content produced by Cycloid.


  • Expand and enrich our creative universe – the basis of all your creations
  • Help the marketing department build a solid system for creating new graphic resources on an ad hoc basis
  • Build a library of ready-made illustrations such as blog headers, illustrations for social posts, emails, blog posts, etc.
  • Contribute to enriching the brand visual ecosystem
  • Deliver killer visuals on demand


  • A hugely passionate, knowledgeable and friendly illustrator
  • Fully proficient working in 2D; 3D would be a plus
  • Several years of experience crafting professional-looking illustrations and infographics
  • Able to deliver illustrations as well as infographics: your art has no limit!
  • A demonstrated ability to adapt to house style and needs
  • Having great communication and collaboration skills
  • Very reactive
  • Go find the answers to your questions; know where to look and do not wait for things to move by themselves!
  • Happy to solicit constant feedback from others


  • Capable of illustrating abstract and often complex subjects to help the public understand them
  • 2D; 3D a plus
  • Full English proficiency
  • Slack, Trello, Hangout full proficiency (no emails… it’s so 20th century!)



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