Reassemble – Natural Intelligence

Reassemble – Natural Intelligence

Fiber Festival

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Reassemble is FIBER Festival’s new multi-year lab programme that will connect the festival editions. The lab strives to contribute to our understanding of great planetary challenges by supporting artistic makers and inquisitive thinkers in prototyping new (collaborative) works and ways of knowing. This takes place in partnership with research institutions and other cultural organisations.

The lab offers multi-day programmes consisting of workshops, collaborative working sessions, field trips, discussions and public programmes. Various topics and developments are explored in thematic blocks – called ‘Parts’ – and a wide variety of tool(kits) and methods are exchanged. In 2021, the first two Parts will take place, leading up to a new FIBER Festival edition.

Natural Intelligence OPEN CALL
Towards Renewable and Regenerative Digital Infrastructures

Natural Intelligence is a four-day programme aimed at exchanging knowledge, learning about and prototyping a new generation of digital infrastructures from eco-social and cyclical principles. In our case: the future internet. Join us this spring in Amsterdam (at i.a. A Lab)!

The immense possibilities of today’s internet services, data centers, artificial intelligence and rendered computer graphics have been made possible by a large supply of cheap energy sources: fossil fuels. The promises of yet another generation of AIs and metaverses are unthinkable without the endless extraction and flow of fossil energy. Many are already talking about ‘data warming’ as one of the strongly growing drivers of global warming.

During Reassemble Lab 3: Natural Intelligence we ask questions like 

  • What role can design, creative coding and artistic research play in the switch to alternatives and a fundamentally different way of aligning our technological demands with natural cycles?
  • What design and services are actually possible when we start working from renewable energy and regenerative principles?


The third iteration in the FIBER’s Reassemble Lab series provides a four day meeting place for artists, designers, creative coders, technologists, energy experts, policy makers and (academic) researchers who are committed to, or interested in, working towards a low-carbon, ethically fair and potentially regenerative internet. The lab offers a space to meet different makers and thinkers, gain skills and connect networks of knowledge.


At this moment, you can show your interest in the programme through applying via our Open Call. Based on the submissions, we will invite participants to be a part of the lab. In the short term, we will also share more information about our conference programme and workshops, which will consist of parts curated by FIBER and partnerships. We will inform everyone as soon as possible with further information about the workshops, sessions and lectures.

Participant fees are as follows*:
€80 — Independent artists & researchers
€40 — Students
€150 — Corporate participants

*The fee gives you access to all parts of the lab, all lectures, workshops and mentor feedback. We are aware that in this pandemic reality it is not possible for everyone to pay this amount. If you would like to participate, but are unable to pay the fee, please contact us so we can search for a solution together.


  • Launch Open Call — Thu 16/12/21
  • Application Deadline — Sun 07/01/22
  • Application Deadline Extended — Sun 23/01/22
  • Selection Participants — Mon 24/01/22 (contact by email)
  • Reassemble Part 3: Natural Intelligence — 10 till 13 March


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