Reclaim – Call for artists 2020

Reclaim – Call for artists 2020

CHEAP - Street Poster Festival

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In 2020 CHEAP is issuing its 8th CALL for ARTISTS, targeting not only street artists but for anyone involved in graphic design, photography, illustration and visual art more generally. The pieces applicants send in a digital format will be printed and pasted up on the CHEAP On Board circuit of bulletin boards in downtown Bologna. For CHEAP, this open call has always represented a key element of its identity: it enables the hybridization of languages, breaks down geographical borders, launches a collective discussion, investigates contemporary issues from the bottom up and seeks to reassemble individual statements into a collective narrative.


Each individual or group may propose up to three projects, which must be received by the Festival organizers no later than midnight (Italian time) on May the 17th, 2020. The artwork must be inserted (together with a completed and signed Registration Form, which can be downloaded from the website in a folder with the name of the individual artist or collective. The folder should be sent to [email protected] using regular email or a file-sharing program. If you use an artist name, please indicate it on the registration form and in the name of the folder.


The festival will announce which projects have been selected within 30 days of the end of the open call by publishing the names of selected artists in a special section of the site.


The selected projects will be printed at the Festival’s expense and hung up in specific parts of the city of Bologna for the duration of the Festival.


The pieces can be created using any of the following techniques:

  • Vector graphics
  • Illustration
  • Photography and/or collage.

Each applicant is welcome to send up to 3 posters (pieces). The posters must be exclusively in black and white (including the entire greyscale). All files must be in .pdf or .jpg format. The poster must be a maximum of 70×100 cm (vertical) or 100×70 cm (horizontal) with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Each file must be named as follows:

  • Number of the image,
  • Name of the artist,
  • Measurements.


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