Fumetto Competition 2020

Fumetto Competition 2020

Fumetto - Int. Comix-Festival

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Fumetto International Comix Festival Luzern has recently opened the call for entries for 2020 like every year to give comic creators the opportunity to compare their work, present it to a broader public and to exchange views with others.


Each year, Fumetto International Comix Festival Lucerne holds this competition to give comic creators the opportunity to face an international comparison and present it to the general public. Today the competition is one of the largest and most important of its kind in Europe.


The theme of this year’s competition is “All is networked!”. We connect us with other people, the clima is linked with the whole globe and for some of us, the heating at home is connected with the cellphone. How we do get connected – no matter if voluntarily or unavoidably – is still individual at the moment. But how is that in the future: what is the benefit of more networking, where does this lead us to? What is the advantage, what are the risks? How do we handle networking in the future?


There are three categories:

• 18 years or older;
• 13 to 17 years;
• up to 12 years of age;


  • Your submission can be in any form.
  • Submitted format need to be A4 or A3, only comics (stories in picture form). Maximum 4 number of pages (only 1 comic-story).
  • No digital entries by e-mail, only by post-service.


Forty to fifty comics will be nominated by the jury and shown in the exhibition during the festival, those not nominated will be shown in folders.


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