Daily UI Challenge

Daily UI Challenge

Daily UI

When you’ll sign up, over the next 100 days, you’ll design 100 different user interface elements for mobile and web. This project was built to provide a fun engaging way to improve your skills as a designer, earn rewards, and get feedback from others.

How this works:
1. Every day we’ll send you an element to design (except weekends since you should go enjoy the outdoors)

2. Some challenges are intentionally high-level, so it’s up to you to interpret how to design it (i.e. mobile vs web, full page vs one component, etc.)

3. Post your work to dribbble (if you’re a member) or Twitter with #dailyui and your prompt number (ex. “Just finished my first design for #dailyui #001”)

4. Earn Surprise rewards randomly by opening your Daily UI emails and staying subscribed!

5. Become a better designer over the course of only 100 days.

100% Free.

We started Daily UI just as a fun and free way to give back to the design community. Hopefully you’re inspired by the challenges and are can use them to improve your design skills and continue learning.