Illustrators for Climate!

Illustrators for Climate!

Autori D'immagini

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AI  (Autori d’Immagini) is CALLING illustrators and artists FOR A WORLDWIDE ACTION to color a world suffering from the consequences of climate change. While words will get lost in discussions and paper, IMAGES will stay! There are no time limits because this is meant to be long-lasting action. It’s a visual movement in support of all those who are pressuring the world governments to start acting for a change and save our planet. It’s international, because ideas and climate have no boundaries. You are welcome to join us

Between September 20 and 27, 2019, the third global strike for climate took place worldwide with over 4000 events; it’s an action that was started by the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg who for more than a year has been demonstrating every Friday in front of her country’s Parliament to try to sensitize her government to do more to counteract one of the biggest crises that humanity has ever been through. Later she’s taken this action to the United Nations in New York.
We illustrators, in our small way, regularly use our creativity to bring color to the world; let’s get together another time to try to change it.

The idea is to collect on this page many images on the topic of climate. In the previous edition we received almost 400 pictures from over 260 Italian and foreign illustrators; you can see them by visiting this gallery

We want to spread the initiative among national and international media and also involve other similar organizations anywhere.
Your images can be sent immediately. In case of yet unforeseen spin-off initiatives, all participants will be contacted and, when necessary, permission to re-use the images will be requested.

All selected images will be published on the Facebook “ILLUSTRATORS for CLIMATE” page managed by AI The Italian Associazione Autori di Immagini, in two galleries dedicated for the works of “professional illustrators” and “students”. We reserve the right not to publish images that, due to their quality or content, will not be considered suitable or offensive. Images that do not comply with the requested format will also be excluded.

Climate, environment, global warming, rising sea levels, renewable energy, pollution, food, sustainable mobility, animal rights, deforestation, biodiversity, extinction, circular economy. etc., they are all faces of the same broad issue. There is wide freedom for interpretation. Your images don’t have to be necessarily new and you can also submit illustrations made previously for a different purpose.

1 – Rights: AI, the Image Authors Association only requires the non-exclusive right to reproduce the images on the ‘ILLUSTRATORS for CLIMATE’ Facebook page and for the promotion of the initiative. Any other use, commercial or otherwise, is excluded. If the opportunity arises to continue or extend the initiative in ways not foreseen here, such as exhibitions, public events, etc., the participating authors will be contacted.

2 – Credits: all images will be reproduced with the authors’ names both on the images and in their description.

3 – Images do not necessarily have to be made ad hoc. For those made previously, the authors guarantee to be able to dispose of them freely and, specifically, to participate in this initiative without infringing on the rights of others.

4 – Withdrawal: if an author wishes to withdraw from the initiative, it will be sufficient to request the cancellation of her/his image from the Facebook album in which it will be inserted.

5 – Submissions: all images must be sent according to the below requirements with a message on the Facebook page ILLUSTRATORS for CLIMATE. You can also send multiple entries at any time.

Images must be sent in JPG format, RGB, 72dpi, with their shortest side larger than at least 1000 pixels in a file not larger than 1Mb.
Images must adhere to the topic and not contain any text.

All images must be named: namelastname-title.jpg
Images can be signed non-invasively with © author’s Name and surname.

Description: in addition to the author’s name and the work’s title, one can add one’s own contact information and a brief description of her/his work in English and/or any other language.

Category: authors must indicate if they are professional illustrators or students.

This is an initiative that could later turn into an exhibition or simply a document, a testimony of those who today, with their sensitivity, want to express their idea of a change for our planet’s sake, ours and of all those who, human, animal or vegetable, will come after us.


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