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Pixel Fest Contest

Pixel Fest

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The Yeltsin Center media façade is one of the biggest in Russia and it gives the artists a unique chance to show their works on a more that 2000 square meters public space. Both Russian and foreign artists have already worked with the media façade, but this is the first time that the facade will host the festival of such scale and duration.

Artists, artistic groups and designers from all over the world are invited to participate in the contest of digital video-art on the media façade of Yeltsin Center.

Categories of the Contest:

  • Generative video-art
  • 2D and 3D animation made by digital/mostly digital means
  • Other types of animation/video-art (frame-by-frame, classical, collage etc.).


  • proficiency in modern visual art language
  • use of digital means techniques
  • high quality of the artwork
  • high aesthetic value of the work
  • use of specific shape of the building as a part of artistic concept
  • meeting technical requirements
  • reflecting the theme of the festival

As a result of an open vote by the jury, 15 works will be chosen to be included in the main program of the Festival. These will be presented at the Yeltsin Center media facade from March 7 to 15, 2020. The three finalists whose works receive the highest ratings from the jury will receive a cash reward of 140,000 rubles ($ 2,172).

Works that are not included in the main program, but which have passed in the second round of the competition and meet all the requirements, will be presented as part of a special Festival show.

Also, in the framework of online voting, one winner will be chosen and shown on the Festival website who will receive a special prize from the Channel 2×2, and his or her work will be presented at the media facade along with the rest of the competition winners.


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